How Much Should a Website Cost?

Many people ask me “how much should a website cost?”. Here are some tips and suggestions. Basically, the cost to develop a website essentially comes down to the time taken to design, develop, test and maintain the website. Unless you are purchasing a fixed price solution, prices can vary widely depending on the calibre of…

How to Write SEO-friendly Blog Posts

In addition to writing for their human readers, web copywriters and bloggers have to consider the web crawlers employed by search engines like Google. Your business can’t afford to ignore this task since many potential readers use search engines to find blog posts, you need to make sure that Google ranks your site highly when…


Finding the Right Solution to Your Needs

At Prodigy we think building a website is like buying a car. It shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone wants a Ferrari, but does it fit your budget? Is practical for the family with two kids and a dog?