Creating a Facebook Page

This blog post doesn’t answer the famous question “Should my business be on Facebook?”. I believe there is little disadvantage in having a Facebook page for your business, as long as you give it a little attention from time to time!

It’s pretty easy to create a Facebook page. First, you need to have your own, personal Facebook account. Then, visit, and follow the instructions. This page will also contain information on Community Pages and Groups, but most businesses, an Official Page is what you need. Answer all of the questions, and at the end of it you’ll have yourself a Page!

Create an “Official Page” in Facebook for your business

The first thing you’ll want to do, is update the Info tab – include some detail about your business, so people know a little about the business. You can also load some photo’s of your business -the staff, any products, something that helps your customers and potential customers see who you really are. After all, people are on your Facebook page because they want to learn more about your business, so don’t be shy!

Then get yourself some fans. Facebook recently has replace the “Fan” concept with the ability to “Like” a page. You need to click the “Suggest to Friends” link in the top left, which will allow you to send a note to all of your Facebook friends to all Like your page.

Give your Page some attention from time to time

In order to make your Facebook page work for you, you then need to:

  • Update it every now and then with relevant content. Don’t post rubbish to your page because you’ll attract a low Post Quality. Facebook is beginning to create some smarts about how effective the page is, similar to what Google Analytics does for websites, for more on this, see
  • The sort of things you should post include: new product release, new Blog posts, new staff you may have hired, photo’s about any staff event you may have had, or a successful product install or launch.
  • Remember to be genuine. Social Media is a way to create transparency for your business – if you’re not genuine, it will show.
  • Promote it from your main website, link it into your email footer, and include it on your business cards – if you can link someone to your Facebook page, you can communicate with them incredibly easily, whenever you want to.

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