Finding the Right Solution to Your Needs

At Prodigy we think building a website is like buying a car. It shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone wants a Ferrari, but does it fit your budget? Is practical for the family with two kids and a dog?

Many developers don’t take these needs in to consideration. Instead they pride themselves on inventing something that fits everyone. We should know, we spent years doing just that. Whilst this was successful, and we’ve produced some great sites with our Dragon CMS software, some open source applications have now overtaken what we are able to produce in-house.

Today, we help our clients identify their needs and future needs to best place them in the appropriate technology. Not the technology that best suits the developer. We continue to push our own software further for existing customers, but we now generally use open source technologies to best achieve new client’s objectives. Many of our competitors make outlandish claims about how their product is so amazing it suits everyone, but chances are it’s not true, or if it is, most likely you’re paying for features you don’t need?

Prodigy Solution Diagram

This diagram gives you an idea or the solution we would recommend for you, either as a new project or as an upgrade. Contact us for more information.


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