New opportunities with future new Top Level Domains

One of the biggest changes to the Internet domain name system is coming.

On June 20, the governing body for Internet domain names, ICANN, approved the final rules to allow organisations to register their own name at the top of the Internet name hierarchy.

So as well as .com or, in future you’ll likely see .shop, .bank, .hotel as well as company brands like .canon, .deloitte or .hitachi. Organisations may register keywords that relate to their products, such as .camera or .printer. Cities are considering their own Internet name – for example .sydney or .london.


This change opens up a wealth of new opportunities for big brands and small companies alike.

Big brands will be able to apply for their brand name as a .brand domain – they need to act now if they are interested in applying. Applications will open late 2011 and close 60 days later… and it is unlikely that new applications will be accepted for at least 2-3 years after that.

Small businesses will benefit once the new names start appearing for sale from late 2012 onwards.

If you’re a big brand interested in learning more or applying for your brand as a new domain name, please contact us.