Support Our Walk for OXFAM!

This year, the Prodigy Web Services team (Team 225, “The Walkmans”) decided to undertake the OXFAM Trailwalker, a 100 km walk for charity spread across two gruelling days beginning 1st April 2011. We’ve been training hard and look forward to the sweat, pain and glorious adulation that awaits us! 😀

Donate Now! – support us with your donation, big or small … will make a difference to those in need! (It’s also tax deductible, so no excuses!)

The Walkmans team photo during training session

The Walkmans Team Message:

We are fortunate to have any sort of opportunity in our lifetimes.

Every human without discrimination of creed, colour or code has the same creative, technical and entrepreneurial potential for genius should their most basic of needs be met: we hope to provide children, families and communities in impoverished countries a bright start.

Any donation of any denomination is most welcome by our team. We will represent each and every one of you by the collective count of foot blisters, knee aches, curse words, sneezes, coughs, assorted voluntary and involuntary bodily movements, falls, grazes and toilet breaks accumulated during our Trailwalk.

So please drop in and say hello on our team page when you can. Be entertained by our often silly take on life – and support us with your donation, please go to:


Oxfam Trailwalker Initiative:

In the past year, Oxfam has reached 4.64 million people in 28 countries. This was made possible by the support of more than 310,000 donors and campaigners.

Their contribution has made a positive difference to the lives of poor people around the world. Yours will too.

For every $1 we spend:

* 73c is used to directly support our development, advocacy, and humanitarian programs around the world
* 16c is invested to generate future income
* 11c is spent on essential administration

Oxfam Australia is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more to the Oxfam Australia Overseas Aid Fund are tax deductible.
Why your donation is so important

* 64% comes from the community (people like you!)
* 21% comes from the Australian Government’s overseas aid program, AusAID
* 10% comes from grants
* 5% comes from other sources (including investments)

A $20 donation can provide families in Timor-Leste with vegetable seeds, increasing nutrition and market opportunities.

A $100 donation is enough to provide medicines to one village in Laos to treat common illnesses and prevent disease.

A $500 donation can provide a water harvesting system to supply clean water for 200 families in drought-stricken southern Africa.